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This adorable and hilarious alphabet book is illustrated with the help of artificial intelligence and stars animals playing instruments of all kinds from A to Z.

From an alligator playing an accordian to a zebra playing a zither, "A Bear Playing A Banjo" is full of cute and silly images that will have kids laughing while learning their ABCs.

This book is one of the first of its kind to exclusively use AI art as illustrations, and with it's fun alliterative combinations it's sure to promote creativity and imagination in young readers.

26 cute, hilarious and silly scenes of animals

playing instruments from A to Z!

About the Authors

Brothers David and Peter, joined by David's son Cedar, bring their love of art, animals, and music together to create A Bear Playing A Banjo!

The team crafted each unique animal and instrument scene using Midjourney AI, a text-to-image tool that utilizes artificial intelligence.

They then used a suite of cutting-edge digital tools to refine their designs and bring this exciting book to life.

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AI Illustration

About the Process

These images were created using artificial intelligence image generators.

Text prompts are fed into AI applications that then output amazingly creative and artistic images. Think of an AI image platform like a robot artist who can create anything if you know how to tell it what to draw.

Most of the images in "A Bear Playing A Banjo were built using Midjourney and Dalle.

Even ChatGPT, a text based AI platform was used for help dreaming up creative animal adornment combos.

AI is going to be a big part of all of our futures. I hope this book inspires families to get excited about the creative fun that's possible with this new tool.

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